Additional Services Offered


Record a video testimonial of a satisfied client

An additional production day would be scheduled for the video crew to interview a past/current client. We will provide you with a list of generic questions that can be altered based on your specific services. The final video would be no longer than 2 minutes.

Price Varies


Beautiful, branded photos taken at your office

Our still photographer will photograph your office space and team members, capturing your office culture. Photos can be used on your website, print materials, blog posts, social media & more.

$650 for up to 2 hours


Professional photographs of your team

Our still photographer will photograph each team member in a natural, in-office setting. We recommend updating your headshot every few years.

$100 per person


Short videos produced for your Instagram account

For the attorney that is active on Instagram! These can be created from footage previously filmed during a production day or from new footage. Videos will range from 15- 30 seconds.

Price Varies


Make sure search engines and clients know and like what is on your site

We research how your clients search for you, then help you optimize your content. We will help you create page titles, descriptions, headings and more using this research. Finally, we’ll make sure that the site has no technical issues that would stop it from being highly ranked.

Price Varies


Take advantage of the power of Facebook and Google Ads

Including online ads in your marketing gets your business targeted brand exposure and visibility, faster. Paid advertising is a great complement to organic search. While organic will attract great long-term traffic, paid ads can bring in leads immediately. We can help you with ad creation, targeting, scheduling and more.

Price Varies